Rectory Staff

St. Francis, Bookkeeper: Kathleen Rater | Email
Pastor: James P. Fischler,cicm | Email
Parochial Vicar: Sonny Aryanto, cicm | Email
Deacon: Louis Bernal | Email
Deacon: Pat Benigno, AFVII | Email
Director of R.E.: Deborah Ruiz | Email
Business Manager: Barbara FitzSimon | Email
Parish Secretary/Bulletin Editor: Sylvia Rubio | Email
Receptionist and Registrar: Laurie De La Fuente | Email
School Principal: Karen Rothe | Email
School Bookkeeper: Mamie Navarro | Email
School Secretary: Jesse Oberg | Email
Braden Keller Center Manager: Bill Swan | Email
Maintenance Board: Carl Roberts | Email
Cemetery Secretary/Bookkeeper: Carolyn Weiblen | Email
Deacon: Richard Hoedebecke | Email