The Ministry to the Nursing Home (Medina Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center-MVHR) provided by members of St. Louis Parish has many moving parts and contributors.

The first and foremost service provided by a group of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is to take Holy Communion to the residents at MVHR once weekly on Friday mornings.

Additionally, on the first Friday of each month, there is a Mass at MVHR, or a prayer and Communion service (should a priest be unavailable).

Sometimes there is Anointing of the Sick, which may be done in conjunction with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

There is a group of parishioners that gather for songs of praise, prayer, and Holy Communion at MVHR on Sunday mornings. Many of the MVHR participants at this service are not Catholic but enjoy the Sunday morning service. There is also a Monday music ministry that provides a sing-along for residents.

The Elizabeth Ray Foundation, established by John and Cindy Guzman, provides mariachi celebrations on special holidays such as Easter and Mother’s and Father’s Days. The foundation came into being to provide mariachis to be enjoyed while patrons are still living and is supported by the sale of charms of St. Louis Church and School. Information may be found each week in the Bulletin.

The Line Dancers that dance weekly at the Braden Keller Center take their show on the road to MVHR once a month and are well received by residents who gather in the main dining hall to watch and keep time to the music.

There may be other services provided by parishioners and many ways to reach out to the nursing home residents.

If you are interested in helping or in being of service to the residents of the MVHR, you may call MVHR directly to see what needs they may have, such as reading to residents or helping them write letters and such, or you may call the Rectory at 830-931-2826.