On an annual basis, St. Louis Parish provides a 4-day, 3-night retreat for men interested in spending a few days of reflection on the status of their spiritual life. Catholic in nature, the retreat allows for further strengthening of the gifts received at one’s Baptism and Confirmation. Non-Catholics, especially those discerning the Catholic faith, are welcome to join the weekend. The retreat follows the basic format as established by the ACTS Mission of the Archdiocese of San Antonio.

While all adult men of the parish are strongly encouraged to attend, St. Louis Parish acknowledges that one may have a strong faith life without attending an ACTS retreat. Men’s ACTS retreats of St. Louis have no formal organization separate from the rest of the parish, and one who attends a St. Louis ACTS retreat is encouraged to take what they have gained from the weekend share it in their family, parish, and broader community.

Typically, one who attends a Men’s retreat in our parish has a greater appreciation for gifts already provided for him within parishes, specifically The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, the Eucharist, and various lay apostolates. Tools for increasing one’s prayer life, especially through the use of the Rosary and reading Holy Scriptures are emphasized and encouraged. Our savior, Jesus, gave His Church and His Mother to aid us in life’s journey. The goal of Men’s ACTS of St. Louis Parish is to enhance that appreciation in all who attend.