Director: Deborah Ruiz   (830-423-6156)
or Vicki Jette (830-423-6880)

SCHEDULE  [September 2017 – April 2018]

Pre-K – 8th Grade:   Sundays  9 am – 10:15 am
High School Grades 9 – 12:
  Sundays   6-7:30 pm
  Wednesdays  7 pm – 8:30 pm

The Religious Education program of St. Louis Catholic Church accepts its responsibility as co-educators with the family and the Church to provide a sold faith formation for children.

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. They bear witness to this responsibility first by creating a home where tenderness, forgiveness, respect, fidelity, and disinterested service are the rule. The home is well suited for education in the virtues.”  Catechism of the Catholic Church: 2223

The Religious Education program is designed to provide support for, not to replace, parental responsibility. The parish, through volunteer catechists, parish staff, and the pastor, works as a team with parents to ensure proper catechesis in the faith.

The program here at St. Louis Catholic Church has four main goals:

1. To present the Catholic faith accurately, authentically, and completely, consistent with the age and readiness of the students.

2. To provide a loving and respectful atmosphere where children can develop their faith.

3. To foster a clear sense of Catholic identity and an appreciation of Catholic beliefs, values, prayers, practices, and sacramental celebrations.

4. To create an atmosphere of interdependence between administration, catechists, parents, and students that promotes mutual respect, concern, and preserves the integrity of the Catholic faith.

We look forward to working with you to help your child(ren) know, love, and serve God.

Does your student need Sacraments? Please let us know by calling the contact numbers above.

Religious Education Enrollment Form

NOTE: Please provide the child’s Baptism Certificate at time of Registration.