Meetings - bimonthly

Mission Statement
The Mission and Purpose of the St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery Board is to provide for adequate and perpetual earth space for Families of the Church to bury and honor loved ones who have passed beyond the temporal world.

The duties of the Cemetery Board and its members include establishment of rules and governance over the building, operation and maintenance of St. Louis Cemeteries and ensuring financial stability to maintain these functions.

Within the overall purpose, the Cemetery Board:
1. Provides guidance, recommendations and establishes provisions and rules for the proper administration and operation of the St. Louis Catholic Church Cemetery.
2. Examines and approves, together with the president, the minutes of the regular meetings, and ratification of bills and financial statements.
3. Reviews the activities of Rectory staff assigned to handle transaction purchases for grave sites and disbursement of funds for Cemetery expenses and income.
4. Provides for and directs maintenance by contract and volunteer services for the
proper upkeep of the cemetery grounds.
5. Oversees the proper documentation of grave sites and record keeping.
6. Assists in preparations for memorial services held at the Cemetery including
those held on All Souls Day and the associated lighting of luminaries.
7. Plans for adequate burial space to meet the future needs of the Parish.

Board Membership:
• Board consists of seven (7) members of St. Louis Church and the Pastor. Included is a president, vice-president, Secretary/treasurer and four other members.
• Board members serve three-year terms and can serve no more than two terms.
• Solicitation of new board members is advertised in the Church bulletin in October when a position is vacant. Parish members may recommend a candidate for consideration as well. Membership requires a majority vote for selection.
• The Pastor of St. Louis Church is the spiritual advisor for the Cemetery Board.

Remember St. Louis Cemetery needs financial support.
All donations are welcome.


The Cemetery has served the parish of St. Louis Catholic Church since the founding of Castroville in 1844.

Cemetery death records began in 1847 by Rev. Claude Dubuis who recorded 20 burials that year. There were 6 in 1848 and 24 in 1849. Total annual deaths varied due to Indian attacks, plagues of grasshoppers and epidemics such as Cholera and Typhus.

The earliest marked grave is that of Katharina Haldy (d. 1849) at age 44, who had migrated to Texas two years prior.

Also buried here is Amelia Castro (d.1871), the wife of Henry Castro, who founded the town of Castroville. Henry Castro died in Monterrey Mexico in 1865 while trying to find an open port to return to France.

The original burial ground was outlined by a stone wall in 1860 after the City of Castroville deeded the cemetery lands to both the Catholic Bishop and the German Lutheran Church.

The marble and granite altar on the west side of the cemetery was dedicated in 1951 by Bishop Laurence Fitzsimon of Amarillo and native son of Castroville. It was a gift of the Bishop, Fr. Jacob Lenzen and Mrs. Alfred Rihn.

An annual prayer service and mass is conducted at the Cemetery each All Souls’ Day in honor of those having died in the previous year and all the souls buried there.